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Arbor Division Ltd are experienced arboricultural consultants providing advice and solutions on tree related concerns

Our knowledgeable

arboricultural consultants can advise you on tree related concerns and issues you may have.

Arbor Division Ltd qualified arboricultural consultants have extensive experience in all areas of arboriculture and tree care including private consultancy, local authority and contract management. We have over 23 years of experience and pride ourselves in offering an expert level of service. Please contact us to discuss your tree related concerns.

We offer full UK coverage and are able to deliver all aspects of tree surveys and reports, to both domestic and commercial customers, with the highest of standards and in keeping with current legislation and best practice guidelines.

What services do we offer?

As well as a comprehensive range of tree services, tree surgery and aboriculture services, our consultant arborists provide expert tree survey and arboricultural consultancy services throughout the UK.  

Our arboricultural tree reports & surveys  are specifically designed to assist with planning applications where trees nearby construction activity may need assessing. An Arboricultural Impact Assessment report and Arboricultural Method Statement can be used to validate planning applications. 

If you are a homeowner your mortgage provider may require a tree report for mortgage approval or your insurance provider may require a report on health condition of trees adjacent to your property.

Additionally we provide an experienced and professional service for the sustainable management of trees, woodlands, forests and their environments.

Why choose Arbor Division Ltd for your arboricultural surveys, reports and consultancy?

All our surveys and tree reports are undertaken by qualified, experienced and insured tree surveyors and are carried out to British Standard BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction.

We have tree surveyors local to the County Durham area but we also work further afield throughout the United Kingdom. Our services are professional but competitively priced and you have the reassurance of using an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor with over 23 years of experience. 

We are fully qualified and hold the required level of both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. Please feel free to give one of our arboricultural consultants a call, or fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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What tree surveys and tree

reports do we offer?

  • Tree Preservation Order and Conservation Areas Applications and Notifications
  • Arboricultural Statements and Plans to assist tree work applications
  • Tree Health Inspections and Assessments
  • Internal decay detection
  • Tree Surveys and Tree Reports required by Mortgage and/or Insurance companies
  • Soil analysis
  • Subsidence Risk Assessments
  • Japanese knotweed identification, treatment and removal >

  • BS 5837 Pre Development Surveys

  • BS 5837 Arboricultural Implications Assessments

  • BS 5837 Tree Constraints Plans

  • BS 5837 Tree Protection Plans

  • BS 5837 Arboricultural Method Statements

  • Arboricultural supervision for construction sites

  • NHBC Tree Identity surveys

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Choosing the right arboricultural consultants

A guide for property owners and developers

Arboricultural Consultants for property owners & developers

Are you a property owner or developer in need of expert advice on trees and their impact on your project?

An arboricultural consultant plays a crucial role in assessing the health, condition, and suitability of trees on a property and will have the expertise to identify potential risks, understand legal obligations, and make informed decisions regarding tree management.

Whether you are planning new construction, renovating existing structures, or simply need guidance on tree preservation, tree preservation orders and applications, or professional advice on managing your trees, it is important to find the right consultant that meets your specific needs for your property or development.

We understand the importance of finding a knowledgeable and experienced consultant who can navigate the complex regulations and requirements associated with tree preservation and management.

Key factors to consider when choosing an arboricultural consultant include qualifications, experience, reputation, insurance and cost-effectiveness.

Choose Arbor Division Ltd as your arboricultural consultants to ensure the success of your project while maintaining the health and integrity of your trees.

Arbor Division Arboricultural Consultants offer the following services:

We offer a comprehensive consultancy and surveying service, with full UK coverage.  We provide friendly and professional advice for commercial customers and landowners, private sector, local authorities, mortgage lenders and insurance providers. 

Our Arboricultural Consultants also provide an experienced and professional service for the sustainable management of

  • trees
  • woodlands
  • forests and their environments

We have a quick response time and you can be confident our consultants are efficient and accurate, helping you to save time and costs on your project.

We work nationwide and serve the local areas of County Durham - Durham, Spennymoor, Bishop Auckland, Darlington,

Teesside, including Redcar, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and Stockton

In Tyne & Wear / Tyneside - Newcastle, Gateshead, Whickham, Northumberland, Scotland, Cumbria, and Yorkshire areas.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a tree survey for a planning application?

A tree survey for a planning application is a thorough assessment of trees on a site that may be affected by proposed development. It helps local authorities and developers understand the impact the development might have on the trees and ensures their protection. Arbor Division Ltd provides comprehensive tree surveys that comply with planning regulations, allowing clients to proceed with their applications confidently.

Why do I need a tree survey for planning applications?

A tree survey for planning applications is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it assesses the impact that proposed developments will have on existing trees, ensuring their protection. Additionally, it provides valuable information on the health and stability of trees, identifying any potential risks. This survey helps to comply with local authorities' requirements and enables the development to proceed smoothly, minimising any harm to trees and surrounding environments. At Arbor Division Ltd, we offer professional tree surveys to ensure your planning applications meet all necessary regulations.

What does a tree survey for planning applications involve?

A tree survey for planning typically involves a comprehensive assessment of trees on a property. It includes identifying species, measuring size and age, evaluating health and stability, and recording any defects or diseases. This survey helps determine the impact of proposed developments on trees and ensures compliance with regulations. Our certified tree surgeons at Arbor Division Ltd are experienced in conducting tree surveys for planning, providing accurate assessments to guide your development projects.

Who should I choose to carry out a tree survey for planning applications?

When it comes to requesting a tree survey for planning applications, it is crucial to hire a professional and qualified arboriculturalist.

The consultant arborist will know local planning policy, tree preservation legislation, the construction process and the specific requirements of the planning authority. Arbor Division Ltd has a team of experienced and knowledgeable tree surgeons who are skilled in conducting thorough tree surveys for planning applications and will ensure that the planning process is smooth and compliant with regulations.

How does a tree survey influence planning decisions?

A tree survey is a crucial tool in influencing planning decisions. By assessing the health, condition, and safety of existing trees on a property, it helps determine their potential impact on construction or development projects. Tree surveys enable planners to make informed decisions regarding the protection, preservation, and management of trees, ensuring their long-term sustainability and minimizing any adverse effects on the environment.

Can a tree survey help with obtaining planning permission?

Yes, a tree survey can definitely help with obtaining planning permission. A thorough survey will assess the health, condition, and stability of trees on the property, identifying any potential risks or constraints. This information is crucial for determining the impact a proposed development might have on the trees and whether any measures need to be taken to protect or mitigate their loss. A tree survey provides the necessary evidence and documentation to support planning applications and ensure compliance with local regulations.

When should a tree survey be conducted for a planning application?

A tree survey should be conducted for a planning application when there are trees located within or near the proposed development area. It is crucial to assess the condition, size, and species of the trees to ensure the project's compliance with local regulations and minimize any potential impact on the tree's health.

What if a tree survey identifies protected or veteran trees?

If a tree survey conducted by Arbor Division Ltd identifies protected or veteran trees, our team will work closely with the local authorities to navigate the necessary permissions and procedures. We understand the importance of respecting and preserving these trees, and our expert tree surgeons will ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with the relevant regulations and guidelines.

Is it possible to appeal a planning decision related to trees?

Yes, it is possible to appeal a planning decision related to trees. If you disagree with a planning decision affecting trees on your property, you have the option to challenge it. This typically involves submitting an appeal to the appropriate local authority and providing relevant evidence to support your case. Consult with a professional tree surgeon or arborist who specializes in navigating the planning appeal process for the best possible outcome. Arbor Division Ltd can provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the appeal process.

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