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Specialist machinery hire for Mechanised Tree & Vegetation removal

Machinery hire for Mechanised Arb projects

Mechanised arb machinery hire

What is

Mechanised Arboriculture?

Mechanised Arboriculture, or Mechanised Arb,  is the use of arboricultural machinery to perform  tree removal operations.  Rather than our teams climbing trees to perform tree surgery with chainsaws, they operate our specialist machinery to perform efficient tree services from the safety of the machine, reducing working at height and less exposure to noise and vibration.

Mechanised arb machinery hire

What are the benefits of Mechanised Arboriculture?

Arboricultural machinery used to fell trees and remove vegetation has the obvious benefit of being a safer alternative as it reduces fatigue and strain on the human body.  Additionally, it enables quicker tree removal, so costs to the client are reduced.  

Mechanised arb machinery hire

What services can Mechanised Arboriculture accomplish?

Our arboricultural machinery and equipment can assist in tree felling, tree removal & vegetation removal to clear construction sites prior to development.  Tree clearance in woodlands and forests are a speciality, as are tree and vegetation removal and maintenance along railways.  Please contact us for a bespoke quotation for your project.

Mechanised Arb hire for Commercial Tree services 

With an extensive range of specialist tree equipment to maximise productivity and efficiency, we ensure

satisfactory completion of your tree surgery projects on time and within budget, from pre-development consultancy through every stage to job completion.

See our brochure for more information

Arbor Division tree surgeons using machinery to remove trees safely
Arbor Division tree surgeons using machinery to remove trees safely along railways

Delivery of efficient, safe Tree Services 

One of our key services is mechanised arboriculture, where we utilise modern equipment and machinery to carry out tree maintenance tasks efficiently.  This enables us to provide solutions for difficult to access areas such as railways and waterways and to give us the capability to clear large areas such as large site clearance, forestry and woodland. 

We have an extensive range of

  • tracked wood chippers
  • towable wood chippers
  • wood chipper and grab that can process whole trees
  • stump grinders
  • grapple saws
  • tractors
  • mulchers and flails
  • excavators and diggers

Machinery & Equipment available for hire

Below is a selection of mechanised arboricultural equipment available for hire with a qualified, trained Operator.  We cover Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Washington, Durham, Darlington, Middlesbrough, the North East and all of the United Kingdom. 

Please contact us to discuss your project.

Valtra T160 160HP forestry spec tractor

Tractor Hire & Trailer Hire

We have a range of tractors and trailers, from 50HP Compact tractors to 190HP agricultural and Forestry tractors.

10 tonne forestry trailers, 16 tonne dump trailers and 29 tonne plant trailers for hire.

The Valtra T160 is a 160HP forestry spec tractor fitted with a Botex Forester 570c roof mounted crane, complete with full forestry guarding on the cab and under belly. The roof mount crane has a reach of 7 meters and a lifting capacity of 2.3t close in.

Arbor Division arborists chipping trees using a Bandit Intimidator 15xpBandit Intimidator 15xp

Bandit Intimidator woodchipper Hire

The Bandit Intimidator 15xp is a large capacity woodchipper with an infeed opening of 15x17 inches. The machine weighs 6 tons and is on rubber tracks to minimise damage. Ideal when a large volume of material needs to be processed.

Arbor Division tree surgeons using Forst XR8D Chipper

Wood Chipper Hire

In addition to conventional trailed 6 inch chippers, we have a range of wood chippers to suit all requirements:

FORST XR8 (variable tracked) chippers with lighting tower and 3 tonne winch.

GreenMech Safetrak Chippers with 3 tonne winch.

Timberwolf 190 fixed track chipper.

Schliesing MX550 12 inch chipper (delivered and powered by Unimog or tractor)

Bandit 15 inch XPT Fixed tracked chipper,

Heizohack 400 PTO 16 inch Chipper (delivered and powered by tractor)

Our largest chipper is the 425HP Ufkes Greentech 952 “Mega” Whole tree chipper 21 x 41 inch (steel tracks with rubber track pads)

Arbor Division tree surgeons using a mewp to access tree branches to cut

Height Access / MEWP Hire

We have a variety of MEWP (Mobile Elevated Working Platform) to hire, from

Truck Mounted MEWP 4 x 4 vehicles that carry 2 passengers to Tracked MEWP , also referred to as  spider MEWP.  

18m, 20m, 22m and 25m and above tracked MEWP / Spider MEWP.

Mercedes Unimog U429 towing Menzi Muck Excavator

Mercedes Unimog Hire


The Mercedes Unimog U429 is a 290HP implement carrier.

This machine is fitted with multiple hydraulic spool valves, a forward-facing PTO and a rear agricultural pickup hitch.

The Mercedes Unimog has the ability to power multiple attachments we have available as well as tow a variety of trailers in our fleet.

Above it can be seen mounted with our Schliesing 12” PTO chipper & hauling the Menzi Muck M545 on our tri axel plant trailer.

Menzi Muck walking excavator

Menzi Muck Hire

The Menzi Muck M545 walking 360 excavator can move all 4 legs independently. This means the machine can work on steep ground, rough terrain and even climb over obstacles with ease.

Comes with a range of attachments from the tilt rotator: log grab, tree shear, grapple saw, stump grinder and full range of buckets.

Arb Approved Contractor accreditation Arbor Division tree surgeons
Arboricultural Association Utility Approved Contractor scheme blue shield logo accreditation

Qualified tree surgeons 

We are proud to be one of the few local tree surgeons who are members of the Arboricultural Association, having both Arb Approved Contractor (ArbAC) and Utility Approved status in more than one discipline - Electrical and Rail.

The arboricultural industry is not regulated by government and has a high accident potential. 

As an ARB Approved Contractor (ArbAC) Arbor Division Ltd has met and continues to uphold the Arboricultural Association's Standards, the only comprehensive accreditation scheme for Tree Surgery businesses in the UK.

In addition to being Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors, we hold an impressive range of other accreditations - please see more information here

We are fully qualified, accredited, professional local tree surgeons.

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 Arbor Division Ltd tree su