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Utility Arboriculture  WATERWAYS

Tree removal & Vegetation removal along riversides and waterways.

Trees, vegetation and debris in rivers and waterways can be a major cause of flooding in addition to endangering wildlife.

At Arbor Division Ltd, we specialise in providing Utility Arboriculture tree surgery and vegetation removal services, with a specific focus on vegetation removal next to waterways.

Our team of skilled and experienced tree surgeons is well-equipped to handle the unique challenges that come with working alongside water bodies, ensuring a safe and efficient removal process.  Arborists are fully trained in water safety, to carry out tree services near bodies of water and waterways in a safe manner.

Whether it's clearing overgrown plants or managing invasive species, trust us to safeguard the health and cleanliness of waterways while enhancing the surrounding landscape.

With our expertise in vegetation removal, we can efficiently assess and identify any potential risks or hazards to your waterways. Our skilled team utilises industry-leading techniques and equipment to safely remove unwanted vegetation without causing any harm to the surrounding environment.

Whether it's overgrown vegetation obstructing the flow of water or invasive species threatening the balance of the ecosystem, Arbor Division Ltd has the knowledge and skills to provide effective solutions.

Trust us to enhance the beauty and functionality of your waterways while preserving the natural habitat for aquatic life.

Specialist clearing of waterways, rivers, lakes and riverbanks.

  • Removal of fallen trees and vegetation from riversides
  • Riverbank vegetation removal 
  • Removal and management of overgrown and dangerous riverside trees and vegetation
  • Removal of algae from lakes, reservoirs and canals
Arbor Division utility tree surgeons undergoing water safety training

Arbor Division utility tree surgeons undergoing water safety training - putting health and safety first when carrying out tree surgery and vegetation removal alongside waterways.

Arboricultural Association Utility Approved Contractor scheme blue shield logo accreditation

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